Dr. Maxine Mclean

Dr Maxine Mclean

Dr. Maxine McLean is an author, inventor, metaphysical healer, health educator/professional speaker, and humanitarian. She has been honoured with the Women of Distinction awards by the Mayor of Hamilton in 2015, the Blue Seal Award for writing, and the Eminence Award for her humanitarian work in 2019.  She also made it onto the list of Canada’s 100 Black Women to Watch.

Dr. McLean’s belief, that we each represent a magnificent piece of this world’s giant puzzle – which resonates through her work as a healer, educator and author. Her books, Gratitude Keeper and Gratitude Core Therapy series 1 and 2 inspires her readers to connect to their greater purpose by building a stronger emotional core and to live their life journey with positivity, love and hope.


Dr. McLean loves the world of massages but, too frequently heard women voiced their uneasiness with removing all their clothes for the process. So she invented, Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy – This non-invasive, guided, meditative technique is performed by the strategic maneuvering of spheres over the body. It’s a gentle top-of-the-head to toes experience, that doesn’t require the removal of any clothing. This allows complete relaxation to receive the full healing benefits of this therapy.

Metaphysical Healing, Humanitarian Work 

From transforming lives, with her healing techniques – through to facilitating lifestyle necessities by the building of wells — providing clean drinkable water to thousands… “I took one faithful step into my vision, which led to another, then another and so on – step by step, still unfolding and flourishing in such remarkable ways.  I’m truly excited about my milestones in this life journey”

Professional Speaker

Dr. McLean holds a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine and a Doctorate Level Membership of Humanitarian Medicine with the World Health Organization of Natural Medicine. Currently, Dr. McLean conducts speaking engagements in gratitude and her work in the development of the Gratitude Keeper. She is a certified meditation facilitator and has engaged many clients in personal therapy of the mind, body and soul, thereby healing lives. She brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the stage, making for engaging and informative-packed presentations.


Dr. McLean is an accomplished artist of more than 40 years. She has a unique gift for seeing the connection between art, self-expression and personal wellness. McLean gains her inspiration from nature, quiet time in prayer, meditation and the sun-kissed colourful vibrations from the island of Jamaica.

Her unique, yet precise brush stroke techniques create an incredible ambiance of serenity, while still radiating breath and vibrancy. Her inclusion of symbols and crystals has garnered praise from both her audience and several art critics.

Dr, McLean’s art is a culmination of all that she  aspires and is grateful for in this life: 

  • Her innovative ability to create
  • Her desire to share her inspirations on gratitude with the universe
  • Her wealth of knowledge in healing lives

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